Ludlum Model 2360

Ludlum Model 2360


Digital Alpha/Beta Data Logger

Discriminates between alpha and beta when used with phoswhich detector. Typically set up with proportional or phoswhich detector. Capable of logging up to 550 individual data points.

Weekly Price: $55Monthly Price: $140
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If you need to separately count alpha & beta concurrently and log the results, the Model 2360 will be the right tool. Model 2360 is an optimized Alpha Beta Ratemeter/Scaler/Data Logger that offers traditional analog readout supplemented with a digital LCD for the scaler function. Up to 550 data points consisting of sample number, date/time stamp, both alpha & beta sample measurements and 10 character location identifier. The location identifier can be input via an optional external device through the RS-232 serial port. A front panel mounted three way switch facilitates selecting alpha only, beta only or alpha plus beta. Other controls include a rotary switch for selecting any of 4 decades, battery test and instrument shut off, a switch for viewing the high voltage or resetting the counts, an audio volume adjustment knob, a scaler count time selector rotary switch and finally a handle mounted push button for logging and starting scaler count cycles.


INDICATED USE: Alpha, beta discrimination, and data logging
SUGGESTED DETECTOR: Dual phosphor scintillation and gas proportional detectors
DATA LOGGER: Capable of storing up to 550 individual data points with the following identifiers for each point: (All data is stored in non-volatile memory allowing batteries to be removed without loss of data)
Alpha and beta sample counts
Sample number
Date/time stamp
Scaler count time
10 character location identifier
LOGGING PUSHBUTTON: Located in handle; used to activate scaler and/or log a count
LOGGING FUNCTION CONTROL: Internal selection that enables the pushbutton to log a ratemeter reading, initiate a scaler count and log the resulting reading, log both the scaler and ratemeter reading, or disable the logging function.
LOCATION CODE: A 10 character alphanumeric identifier. (can be set by ASCII terminal or PC)
CALIBRATION DUE DATE: An internal date that disables the instrument if the required calibration interval has been missed.
HEADER INFORMATION: Six lines of user defined memory at the beginning of the stack for storing user name, survey name, serial numbers, etc. (information is dumped with logged data)
RS-232 PORT: Located on the can, this allows the instrument to be connected to a PC for dumping of data, and setup of parameters.
AUDIO: Built in unimorph speaker with volume control (greater than 60 dB at 2 feet, full volume). Selectable dual or individual clickper- event for alpha and beta counts and divisions of 1, 10, 100, or 1000 events per click (beta counts only)
METER DIAL: 0 – 500 cpm, 0 – 2 kV, BAT OK, OL (overload)
MULTIPLIERS: X1, X10, X100, X1000
LINEARITY: Reading within 10% of true value
SCALER: 6 digit LCD display with 0.25”(0.64 cm) digits, overflow arrow, colons to indicate when a count is in process, and backlight
COUNT TIME: Switch selectable times of 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 60 minutes, or PC to allow for a specific count time to be set from a PC.
SELECTOR SWITCH: Toggle switch to select alpha+beta or “alpha”, only, or “beta” only
ALARM: The Model 2360 has alarm capabilities on both the scaler and ratemeter. Both circuits allow for independent alarm settings of the alpha channel, beta channel, and the alpha/beta channel. The scaler alarm setpoints can be set at any point from 0 – 999999 counts. The ratemeter alarms can be set at any point from 0 – 999999 cpm. Alarm points can be set via the keypad, or PC.
RESET/READ HV: A two position momentary action switch to allow for the meter to be reset or a reading of the HV setting
HIGH VOLTAGE: Adjustable from 200 – 2000 volts (can be read on meter)
OVERLOAD: Senses detector saturation. Indicated by red lamp on meter and meter deflecting to full scale (internally adjustable)
RESPONSE: Will vary according to number of counts. Typically 2 – 11 seconds from 10% – 90% of final reading.
BATTERY LIFE: Typically 150 hours with alkaline batteries (battery condition can be checked on meter)
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C) May be certified for operation from -40° F to 150° F (-40° C to 65° C)
SIZE: 6.5” H x 3.5” W x 8.5” L (16.5 x 8.9 x 21.6 cm)
WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg), including batteries
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