High Volume

High-Volume Portable Air Sampler with a flow rate of 10 to 50 CFM. Includes 4-inch diameter filter holder which accepts the CF series 8 inch x 10 inch holder (also available).

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    Hi-Q CF-973

    High-Volume Portable Air Sampler

    Hi-Q CF-973 is a high volume portable air sampler. Flow Range: 10-50 CFM. Includes 4 inch Dia. filter paper only holder which accepts the CF series 8…

    $100 Weekly Price: $100
    Monthly Price: $160

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    F&J Model LV-1

    Low Volume Air Sampler

    FandJ Model LV-1 is a low volume portable air sampler designed for continuous indoor use but can be used outdoors if protected from the elements. Flow range…

    $100 Weekly Price: $100
    Monthly Price: $125

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