Ludlum 3000


Digital Scaler/Ratemeter

General survey meter used with probes to measure rates/counts. Adjustable count time, HV, and window. Single Channel Analyzer. Bluetooth Equipped.

Weekly Price: $75Monthly Price: $190
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The Ludlum Model 3000 is a durable, lightweight instrument that is used with an external detector for alpha, beta, and gamma radiation survey. It features a large, easy-to-read LDC screen and audible alarms and is controlled using a simple five-button interface. The unit body is made of high-impact plastic, and splash-resistant construction allows the instrument to be used outdoors.

Three modes of operation are available – RATE, MAX, and COUNT – which can be selected by pressing the MODE button. Measurements can be collected in two sets of units (primary and secondary) for RATE and MAX modes in cps, cpm, Bq, dpm, mR/hr, or µSv/h units. The user can switch between two sets of chosen units by pressing the UNITS button. When enabled with the optional Lumic Data Logger Kit (see Options), data can be logged in any of the operational modes using the LOG button on the handle. Up to 1000 data points can be stored internally.

Instrument setup can be done either through the front-panel controls or via the Lumic Calibration Kit (see Options). The Model 3000 is shipped ready to use with batteries and calibration certificate.


  • Large, Backlit, Easy-To-Read LCD Screen.
  • Auto-Ranging.
  • RATE, MAX, and COUNT Modes of Operation.
  • Splash-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Use.
  • All-Digital Calibration.
  • USB Port.
  • Lightweight Yet Ruggedly Built.
  • Simple 5-Button Interface.
Compatible Detectors GM, scintillation, or proportional
Display 3 digit auto-ranging LCD with large 20 mm (0.8 in.) digits.
Units: (k)cps, (k)cpm, (k)Bq, (k)dpm, (µ)(m)R(/h), (µ)(m)Sv(/h).
Indicators: bar graph, MAX, ALARM, USB, audio, low battery.
Display Range
  • 0.0 cps to 99.9 kcps
  • 0.00 cpm to 999 kcpm
  • 0.00 Bq to 99.9 kBq
  • 0.00 dpm to 999 kdpm
  • 0.00 µR/h to 999 R/h
  • 0.00 µSv/h to 999 Sv/h

Max Display can be set to limit display to calibrated range

Linearity Within 10%
Backlight Built-in ambient light sensor automatically activates low-power LED backlight, unless internal dipswitch is set to continuous-On (will reduce battery life)
Controls ON/OFF: Press to turn ON; Tap to acknowledge alarms and silence alarm tone; Press to reset sigma audio alarm; Hold for OFF
UNITS: Changes the units between count rate (cpm, cps), dose/exposure (Sv/h, R/h), or disintegration (dpm, Bq)
AUDIO: Turn “click” audio ON/OFF; Turn sigma audio beep ON/OFF; Toggle volume between HI, LO, and OFF
MODE: Alternates between RATE (count rate), MAX (captures peak rate), and COUNT (user-selectable preset count time from 0 to 10 minutes)
LOG: Press to store meter reading (requires Lumic Data Logger Kit, see Options)
Data Logging Can store up to 1000 data points internally. Requires Lumic Data Logger Kit, see Options.
Response Time User-selectable from 1 to 60 seconds, or auto-response rate FAST or SLOW
Alarms Count rate, Exposure/Dose, and Scaler alarm setpoints adjustable over the display range
Overload Protection High count rate saturation protection prevents false display of lower count rates
Loss of Count Protection After a user-settable time interval of no pulses from detector (default 60 seconds), unit will flash a zero reading and the alarm audio will be triggered
Dead Time Correction Employs first and second order corrections for extended performance
High Voltage 400 to 1500 Vdc
Threshold -2 to -100 mVdc
Audio Greater than 75 dB at 0.6 (2 ft), approximately 4.5 kHz
Power Four alkaline or four rechargeable “AA” batteries (instrument does not support in-device charging)
Battery Life Approximately 750 hours of operation (as low as 100 hours with backlight configured for continuous-on), 16-hour low battery warning
Construction High-impact plastic with water-resistant rubber seals and separate battery compartment
Temperature Range -20 to 50 °C (-5 to 122 °F)
May be certified for operation from -40 to 65 °C (-40 to 150 °F)
Environmental Rating NEMA rating of 5 or IP rating of 53
Size (H x W x L) 16.5 x 11.4 x 21.6 cm (6.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 in.)
Weight 0.9 kg (2.0 lb)

Option Description Part Number
Includes Lumic Calibration Software and cable. 4498-1018
Includes Lumic Data Logger Software and cable. 4498-1019
Wirelessly connects the instrument with an Android or iOS mobile device. 4498-1024
RS-232 Serial Port Adds a true RS-232 serial port connector. 4519-490
TTL Serial Port Adds a TTL 3.3 V serial port connector. Available modes are instrument dependent, contact us for more information on configuration options. 4519-155
Adds a headphone jack to the instrument. 4498-555
Adjustable stereo/mono headphones. 22-9313
1.8 m (6 ft) adjustable nylon shoulder strap. Requires instrument case modification. 4498-868
Rugged, dust- and waterproof transport and storage case. 2312958
Retrofits legacy Model 3000-Series instruments supplied without the data logging handle with the required firmware and a replacement handle incorporating a data logging button. 4498-428
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