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RadScout Gamma Survey System

Real-time gamma survey system with sub-meter accuracy
The ERG RadScout system was designed exclusively for GPS-based gamma surveys. The system utilizes a rugged tablet, sub-meter GPS receiver, and Bluetooth-enabled meter to provide a simple, yet powerful system for conducting surveys. The system incorporates a fully customizable legend for real-time and background gamma data. This capability significantly increases data quality and minimizes costs by allowing field personnel to bound contamination, locate hot spots, and ensure survey completion, all while in the field.

Gamma Survey UAV

Gamma surveys in areas that are inaccessible or unsafe
ERG now provides multi-rotor drones capable of performing radiation surveys in limited and inaccessible areas. The development of the drone-based survey capability was developed primarily for use in mapping radiation levels in challenging environments, including extremely rough terrain, other unsafe environments for ground personnel, or in sensitive areas where soil and vegetation disturbance may be an issue.

102F Indoor Alpha/Beta Contamination Monitor

Saves significant time and money while improving data quality and presentation

Our alpha/beta surface scanner offers significant time savings while essentially eliminating transcription errors and improving the quality of data. The system combines high accuracy indoor positioning (sub inch) and high-efficiency zinc sulfide plastic scintillator detectors to obtain data conformed to MARSSIM requirements.

RIGS Indoor Gamma Survey System

Collect gamma data indoors where GPS is limited or unavailable

Introducing a new way to collect spatially-correlated gamma data in indoor environments where GPS is limited. The Real-Time Indoor Survey (RIGS) System supports up to three NaI detectors simultaneously and requires no external beacons to achieve sub-inch accuracy of each detector. The system includes all necessary software to perform surveys, process data, and export to Shapefile or CSV formats.

104G Gamma Array Survey System

High-accuracy positioning with multiple-detector capability
The ERG 104G system was developed for situations where high-density gamma data are necessary. The system utilizes a high-accuracy GPS unit coupled to a multi-port meter capable of running up to 12 detectors (2×2, 3×3 or FIDLERS) simultaneously. The software provides the same real-time radiological display as all ERG systems and includes all necessary software for collecting and processing the data.