RadScout GPS Gamma Survey System

Specifically designed for gamma GPS surveys and associated tasks


Our system is used and loved by clients across North America

The RadScout gamma survey software was developed to simplify the gamma collection process and provide the ability to view and analyze the data while in the field, saving significant time and money. In addition, the software provides the ability to export data directly to shapefile format without the need to purchase expensive third-party software. Data are transferred easily by a removable drive through the tablet USB port and requires no special cables or parts.

The RadScout incorporates off-the-shelf radiological instrumentation linked to a rugged field tablet and sub-meter GPS receiver. Radiological data are tied to a GPS coordinate and stored in a robust binary file. Collected data are shown on the map in real time and support setting legends to easily identify areas of elevated gamma while surveying. The software also supports loading background layers and images, adding position features in real-time, and navigation to specified locations.

No Third-Party Software

The RadScene desktop software supports exporting data directly to shapefile & CSV spreadsheet format, eliminating the need for expensive processing software.

Real-Time Gamma Levels

The software provides a graphical interface with the ability to view collected gamma data, set color legends, load background files, view data summary statistics, add position features, and navigate to locations, all in real-time.

Highly Robust Data Collection

RadScout software goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure data are collected accurately and efficiently. The system is designed to reduce data collection error, prevent file corruption, and provide a traceable raw file format to satisfy most project requirements.

Designed for Flexibility and Usability

The RadScout software incorporates a fully wireless interface between the GPS receiver, meter, and data logger. The software is compatible with the common Ludlum meters, including the 3000 and 2221 equipped with an ERG Bluetooth unit.

Created by People who Know GPS-Based Gamma Surveys

ERG first started performing GPS-based gamma surveys in 1994. Since then, we have surveyed more than 100,000 acres and continue to provide superior health physics and engineering support for the characterization, remediation, and FSS phases.

The RadScout system software was designed based on decades of experience with GPS-based gamma surveys and continues to be used by ERG personnel on our own projects. Our experience with the RadScout system allows us to constantly improve both the hardware and software to provide the best possible experience to the user.