GIS/Data Management and Advanced Analysis

GIS Services

ERG has over 15 years of experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software. Using ESRI GIS combined with custom software, everything from GPS data to indoor static measurements are maintained, analyzed, and presented using a series of techniques. GIS technical capabilities include:

Spatial Processing

Kriging and contour analysis of spatially correlated radiation data.

Database Management

Data management in formats such as SQL, Scribe, and ESRI Geodatabase.

3D Models

Processing of Lidar point clouds and photogrammetry to generate 3D terrain models.

GIS Mapping

Presentation of spatial data to suite any reporting need.

Custom Tools

Custom ArcGIS plugins and libraries.

Quality Control Analysis

Auditing and analysis of spatially correlated data.

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Advanced Modeling and Analysis

ERG personnel have years of experience using data analysis software to model a variety of radiological parameters ranging from detector simulations to air dispersion models. The ability to simulate radiological data significantly reduces uncertainties involved with detection capabilities and engineering designs. ERG’s experience with software includes:

Transport Modeling

Detector and shielding simulations using Microshield and MCNP.

Environmental Dose Modeling

Pathway and assessment modeling using D&D, RESRAD, CAP88, MILDOSE, AERMOD.

Dose Assessment

Assessment of internal intakes and external exposures using CINDY, VARSKIN.