Ludlum 2929 w/ 43-10-1

Ludlum 2929 w/ 43-10-1


Alpha/Beta Scaler + Phoswhich Tray Counter

Scaler paired with alpha/beta tray counter. Separate LED for both alpha and beta channels.

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Ludlum Product Description

This instrument combines Ludlum’s Model 2929 Dual Channel Scaler with its Model 43-10-1 Sample Counting Head to create a alpha/beta sample counter. The Model 2929 is a dual-channel scaler incorporating a pulse height analyzer that provides alpha beta separation and displays the counts for each on dedicated 6 digit LED readouts. Each readout is accompanied by an audio volume rotary control. The high voltage is set via a fine 10-turn dial with the readout given on an analog meter. The scaler count time is set by a combination of a thumbwheel and multiplier controls that allows setting the time from 0.1 to 9990 minutes. The front panel additionally provides a start count button, halt count button and a on/off power switch. A red count lamp is illuminated anytime the instrument is performing a timed count. Independent RS-232 serial outputs are supplied for the alpha and beta channels on the back panel for supplying data to either a printer or PC.

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