Environmental Restoration Group, Inc. (ERG) professional consultants to the nuclear industry

Licensed by the New Mexico Environment Department Radiation Control Bureau

What We Do

Scan Systems

Equipment Rental

Health Physics Services

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Indoor/Outdoor Radiological Surveys

GPS-Based Radiation Surveys
Aerial UAV Radiation Surveys
Spatially-correlated indoor surveys

ERG has the experience, knowledge, and tools to perform all aspects of the radiological survey process. From scoping surveys to free-release surveys, our MARSSIM-trained health physicists and engineers are ready to tackle any challenge.

Health Physics Professional Services

RSO Services.
Permitting, Licensing, Compliance, and Audit Support.
Remediation Planning and Reclamation.

ERG has assisted with developing and executing the reclamation plans for eight sites where cleanup costs exceeded more than $10 million dollars.

GIS/Data Management and Advanced Analysis

Environmental Pathway Dose Modeling (D&D, RESRAD, CAP88, MILDOSE).
Shielding and detector analysis and design (Microshield, MCNP).
Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

ERG personnel have 20+ years of experience using GIS and data analysis software to model a variety of radiological parameters ranging from detector simulations to air dispersion models. The ability to simulate radiological data significantly reduces uncertainties involved with detection capabilities and engineering designs.

Engineering and Custom Designs

Software and hardware development.
Radiation detector interfacing and quantification.
Quality assurance management control.

ERG has 30+ years of experience with providing advanced technical solutions for difficult problems associated with radiological detection and characterization.

ERG has over 30 years of project experience with an extremely high level of client satisfaction.