Radiological Engineering and Health Physics Services
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Real-Time Gamma Data Collection

Our new handheld sub-meter GPS with RadScout software is made specially for gamma GPS surveys and was designed to provide an improved, more efficient alternative to traditional GPS systems.

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Uranium Licensing Applications

ERG has extensive experience in licensing and regulatory compliance of nuclear facilities. This includes new license applications for uranium recovery and other source material facilities, license amendment requests, license renewals and the license termination process.

NORM Applications

ERG has performed countless surveys and characterizations for NORM contaminated sites. Our expertise in the detection and segregation of radioactive contamination minimizes waste and costs.

Equipment Rental

ERG owns one of the largest inventories of radiological and industrial hygiene monitoring equipment and provides expert technical assistance for proper use of these instruments.

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Remediation and Decommissioning

ERG has assisted with developing and executing the reclamation plans for eight sites where cleanup costs exceeded more than $10 million dollars each.

Design Engineering

Our employees have expertise in radiological detection as well as other specialties, such as electronics, mechanical design, and software development, allowing us to provide custom designs suitable for almost any radiological detection task.

Environmental Restoration Group has been serving the nuclear industry since 1991. Our experienced team of professionals allows every aspect of the characterization process, both small and large, to be performed at the highest level of quality.

Services and Capabilities
Radiological Engineering and Equipment Inventory
Health Physics Professional Services
GIS/Data Management and Advanced Analysis
Radiological Surveys
New Products and Services
MDC New - Source Rental - ERG now has Po-210 (alpha), Tc-99 (beta), Sr/Y-90 (beta), and Cs-137 (gamma) sources available for rent. Sources are exempt quantity as defined by 10 CFR 30.71 Schedule B.
MDC UAV Gamma Surveys - Environmental level gamma detection in areas otherwise inaccessible by foot or UTV.
MDC Scanning MDC Calculator - calculates scan MDCs for select contaminant radionuclides in soil for 1-second scaler counts with NaI detectors based on probabilistic MCNPX modeling.
Isotope Nuclide Decay - calculate parent and progeny decay for common radionuclides.
GPSArray Model 104G GPS Array Interface - Our GPS interface boxes allow up to 12 detectors to be used with a single antenna and provides real-time display using a tablet. The system offers significant cost savings over the typical approach and provides superior data quality.
Model 105F Model 102F - Our new surveying systems provide indoor position correlated radiological data with less than one inch accuracy, stand-alone positioning system (no external beacons), and a wide area six zone ZnS plastic scintillator detector.