Our Services ERG

Summarized Representative Capabilities

Radiological Engineering

MCNP- Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code Modeling
Data collection and analysis software development
Environmental Pathway Dose Modeling and Assessment
Shielding Analysis and Design (MICROSHIELD, MCNP)
Radon Barrier Cover Designs
Develop Alternate Concentration Levels for Groundwater Constituents
Assessment of Internal Intakes and External Exposures (CINDY, VARSKIN)
Design and Calibration of Sampling and Monitoring Systems
Data Collection and Transmission Engineering Design
Derivation of Remediation Goals, Release Criteria and DCGLs

Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

Emergency Response
License Application, Renewal, Amendments, and Termination
Independent Oversight, Audit, Appraisal, and Quality
Regulatory Compliance and Interface
Radiological Baseline Studies
Nuclear New-Build Licensing Assistance and Start-up
Decommissioning Funding Plans

Operational Health Physics

Staff Augmentation Support
Radiation Protection Programs and Procedures
Environmental Sampling Plans
Low Level Radioactive Waste Management
Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
Statistical Analyses for Groundwater Data

Decontamination & Decommissioning

Historical Site Assessment
Project Management
Background Studies
Site Characterization
Indoor and Outdoor Radiation Mapping Services
Survey Plans and LTP
Remediation Planning
Data Compilation (Copyrighted and Proprietary Software)
Independent Cleanup Verification
Prepare Waste Disposal Plans for Radioactive and Mixed Waste

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