Health Physics Professional Services

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Remediation Planning and Reclamation

ERG has assisted with developing and executing the reclamation plans for eight sites where cleanup costs exceeded more than $10 million dollars each.

Our services include RSO management, regulatory analysis, reclamation, auditing, radiation protection, and much more.

Radon Flux Measurements

ERG uses a radon flux canister designed to comply with EPA Method 115 for making radon flux measurements under 40 CFR Part 61. The canister is a one-piece self-contained unit designed to make the removal and replacement of activated charcoal for each flux measurement unnecessary.

ERG maintains a laboratory consisting of a shielded detector, gamma spectroscopy system, and database dedicated specifically for counting radon flux canisters.

On-Site Laboratory

ERG maintains instrumentation and technicians to support radiation protection programs, including dose-rate instruments and instruments for making surface contamination measurements.

Breathing zone, low volume, and high-volume air samplers are used to obtain air samples that are analyzed on-site for gross alpha and gross beta emissions. Standard Operating Procedures are available for the calibration, set up, and operation of all instruments.

Real-Time Monitoring

ERG maintains a variety of instruments used for environmental monitoring and data collection of various constituents.

Our monitoring capabilities include radon concentrations, exposure rate measurements, high/low volume air sampling, and gamma spectroscopy.

Over the last 20 years

ERG has had the principal health physics and excavation monitoring support role in eight large uranium and/or thorium contaminated projects where the cost of each project exceeded $10M (two sites owned by Dow Chemical Co, one Molycorp Site, and the KAFB OT-10 Site). On-site laboratories were setup and operated for each of these projects by ERG personnel.