Model 104G GPS Array System

Model 104G GPS Array System

High Density GPS Survey System

The ERG 104G utilizes a Ludlum 4612, a common GPS receiver, and an IMU to obtain gamma measurements with extremely high accuracy positions from up to 12 detectors simultaneously. The system comes with an interface box, and a tablet or laptop for data collection. Rental price also includes all analysis software necessary to generate shapefile (or similar) survey files. Weekly and monthly pricing do not include radiation detectors or cart/UTV. Please use pricing for detectors from the ERG Equipment Rental webpage, and call for cart/UTV pricing options.

Weekly Price: $2,500     Price/4 Weeks: $5,700



Superior GPS Accuracy for up to 12 Detectors Simultaneously

The ERG 104G GPS Interface Box was developed to provide a cost-effective solution to obtaining high-density, high-accuracy gamma data from up to 12 detectors simultaneously. The data are logged to a computer or tablet and displayed in real time, allowing data validation before leaving the survey area.

When compared to traditional methods used for gamma array setups, the 104G provides enormous cost savings by combining multiple GPS receivers, antennas, and data loggers, all within a single unit.

The 104G has been used at numerous DOE and Air Force sites while saving money due to its highly efficient production rate. The system has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness by successfully finding contamination in areas previously labeled as clean.

Minimal Equipment

The GPS interface box supports up to 12 detectors simultaneously and uses a single GPS antenna, eliminating the need for multiple GPS receivers, antennas, and meters.

Superior Spatial Accuracy

A single GPS antenna, IMU, and custom filtering techniques allow a spatial accuracy of < 10 inches and ensures the correct heading, even when making turns and traveling in reverse.

Real-Time Mapping Software

The software provides a graphical interface with the ability to see collected data, set legends, load background files, and view statistics, all in real time.


The ERG 104G System can be used with as little as 3 detector, and up to 12 detectors simultaneously using a single high-accuracy antenna. The detector spacing and array length are easily defined in the field software which allows multiple configurations, such as ATV surveys, towed array, and even push cart.

The system significantly reduces the hardware required in all configurations when compared to traditional array setups.

  • Can be powered directly from UTV
  • Uses only a single tablet or computer for all data collection.
  • Supports all major coordinate systems
  • Data are exported to shapefile format (no third-party software)
  • Supports any detector type (2×2, 3×3, FIDLER)
  • Supports high-accuracy Trimble antennas


The software provides a real-time interface that displays the value and location of all detector data.

The software also supports customizable legends allowing personnel to bound contamination, locate hot spots, and quickly identify cable or detector problems, all while surveying.


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