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Nuclide Decay Application

The Nuclide Decay Software is a free, standalone software package to solve the N-dimensional Bateman system of equations for radioactive decay. Using the software, the activity or number of atoms of a radioactive isotope and its decay progeny can be calculated as a function of time.

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We highly encourage user feedback so we can continue to improve and provide the Nuclide Decay application.

While every effort has been made to ensure the technical validity of calculated values that are available to the public through the ERG Nuclide Decay, Environmental Restoration Group, Inc. (ERG) makes no claims or warranties as to the accuracy or defensibility of generated values and shall not be held responsible for any legal or business liabilities, regulatory ramifications, damages, losses or any other issue that may arise from application of any of the data or information provided within this web-based program. Users assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the use of any data or information provided on ERG’s Nuclide Decay.

RadScene Application

RadScene Application
The RadScene application is used to process and export data collected with the 105G gamma logging system.

Click here to download RadScene 2.3.2

Sample survey data can be downloaded here for the testing and evaluation of the RadScene application.

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