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Ortec High Purity Ge Detector with X-Cooler II
Ortec X-Cooler II Product Description
X-COOLER II Mechanical Cooler

The Next Generation in High Purity Germanium Detector Cooling Technology

  • More Powerful than Ever
  • No Limit to Detector Size
  • Compatible with All ORTEC High Purity Germanium detectors types
  • For High Purity Germanium Detectors within a Wide Range of Gamma Spectroscopy Applications
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Low power operation (less than 400 W)
  • Field replaceable: retrofits to existing detectors and is easily maintained
  • Cool High Purity Germanium Detectors Anywhere There's Electricity
  • No Dewar Filling Operations
  • No LN2 Safety Hazard
  • No Bulky Storage Tanks or Unwieldy Plumbing Systems
  • A Truly Economical Alternative to Liquid Nitrogen
Now There is No Limit to the Size of Detector that can be Cooled by Mechanical Cooling. . .

There is virtually no limit to the High Purity Germanium laboratory applications that can be optimized by mechanical cooling with the new X-COOLER II. This exciting new product extends the capability of mechanical cooling to any size detector!

That’s right. . . any size detector!

The use of LN2 has truly become a thing of the past!

. . . and you’ll save money, time, and operating costs!

The annual cost of running an X-COOLER II can actually be less than that of an LN2-cooled detector.

A Variety of Detector Options
X-COOLER II is designed to work with any ORTEC detector available in PopTop configurations. Degradation of resolution performance is guaranteed to be less than 10% for energies less than 500 keV, and no degradation will be observed above 500 keV.

Light on Cost, Weight and Size!
X-COOLER II is not only inexpensive to purchase and operate, but it is smaller and lighter than other devices of this type. The compact design boasts a footprint of less than one square foot (or 930 cm2), stands 11" (28 cm) tall, and weighs less than 36 pounds (16.4 kg). This compares very favorably to the previous generation of mechanical coolers.

Field Replaceable
Reliability and ease of service are essential to any mechanical cooling system for High Purity Germanium detectors. X-COOLER II systems employ the ORTEC patented (U.S. Patent No. 4,851,684)
 PopTop™ detector capsule technology. While the design life of the X-COOLER II is greater than five years, there is always the possibility of failure of any mechanical system. Because of the unique PopTop design of ORTEC detectors, an X-COOLER II can be replaced in the field, without special tools or procedures. After the detector has returned to room temperature, a new X-COOLER II can be installed in less than 10 minutes. The detector does not have to be returned to the factory to replace a faulty mechanical cooling system.

The X-COOLER II can be retrofit in the field to existing PopTop detectors. Simply warm the existing detector, unscrew the capsule from the LN2 cryostat, and couple onto the new X-COOLER II.

You’ll be up and running in no time!

Proven Technology
Traditional mechanical coolers fail because oil from the compressor mixes with the refrigerant, migrating to the heat exchanger and clogging it, thus causing the detector to warm up. The X-COOLER II's patented design cleans the oil out of the refrigerant continuously. Similar coolers using this design have logged over 38,000 hours (more than 4-1/4 years) of operation without failure... and still going.
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